Hello, I’m a website developer. I was approached data recovery in Raleigh NC by a person who wants to start a major project on the similarity of the social network. He has two main requirements: 

  • 1) Hosting must be abroad 
  • 2) Safety must be at the height 

Personally, I identified the option of MS Azure. It seems to me, this is the most secure service in this situation. Besides, in the case of the project’s popularity, it will be necessary to move to a dedicated server. Am I right? 

The developer is surely right, since Azure Backup has impeccable advantages over the other similar products. The customer preferences of Azure Recovery include:  

● Easy-to-use and reliable backup service integrated into the cloud and provided as a full-range program

● Unified solution to protect data on local servers and in the cloud

● Guaranteed availability is 99.9%

● Reliable backup target autonomous system

● Efficient incremental backups

● Security by enciphering the data in various cases

● Universal approach to the data

The core process of Azure Backup is setting up backup schedules at the maximum of recovery points. At this stage, we will configure the time and order 3-in-1 automatic backup to disks, files and folders. One should perform this operation as follows:  

● In the menu, open the Scheduling Assistant data backup

● Choose Copy Object dialog box

● Select the days of the week and exact time of the copy

● Make the configuration of the storage on the 7/15/30 days

● Finish the setting

● Now you can see the backup details to the fullest.

What is the divergence between Azure Backup Agent and SQL? 

Generally speaking, this solution is practically similar to the installment of SC DPM 2012 R2 server (however, we strongly advise you to put on 2012+ associated with the optimization of the traffic). Furthermore, it has .

A plethora of nuances even for the computer guru. For instance, local SQL only can use that “installation wizard” will install to \ for you. If you look through the manual carefully, you will learn how to select new local SQL server.

Furthermore, you need to provide the access to Microsoft Azure and vault credentials file for your repository Azure Backup. If missing this step, it’s impossible to enjoy the opportunities from Azure Backup Server. 

I wonder about the maximum amount of recovery points for Azure backup. Is it possible to count them? 

To tell the truth, this is one of the most widespread questions about Azure Backup. Here is the answer: No, never. The number of recovery points is totally unlimited and you can restore important data without any restrictions.